What is Trading Affiliate Plan:

Trading Affiliate Plan is a unique affiliate system develops by RjjFX Teams. This affiliate system has multilevel commission calculation. This system is created so the clients will be able to focus on his/her trading activity without worrying about how to expand the affiliate group to earn huge commission. The affiliate commission will automatically grow in the long run because it has 5 level commission depths.

Every RjjFX client who registers an account with us will automatically receive an affiliate link.

Example of the link: http://www.rjjfx.com/?r=XXXXX

Where XXXXX will be a client Agent ID.
This link will be available in a Trader cabinet.

What Will RjjFX Affiliate Partner gets :

  • MultiLevel partnership with 5 level Multi commission
  • Total commission of 85%
  • Monitoring of attracted clients in the Client cabinet
  • No need to register for Affiliate, every client will automatically receive affiliate link
  • 24 hours support concerning RjjFX Affiliate Partnership
  • Varity of affiliate's Banner for the most efficient attraction of clients
  • No expiration date of agent account, once you have been register to RjjFX, your account will be accessible anytime with no expiration period, even if you didnt log in to your account in several years
  • Drawing Commission fund, RjjFX offers a wide range of payment option. Bank Wire, E-currency

What is MultiLevel Affiliate Partnership and how does it work?

Cooperation based on RjjFX Affiliate Partnership program provides the possibility of developing your own business by attracting new clients. Moreover, you benefit not only from trading on the Forex market but also from attracting customers and partners to the community of traders. If your referral is registered using your referral link, he will automatically become you 1st level affiliate, and you will get 54% commission from his trading activity. And every client he introduce, he will get 54%, and you will get 20%. Again, his sub-affiliate can also attract both clients and affiliates.

You can earn up to 85% of total 5 level multicommision.Thus, you can get commission not only for the activity of your referrals, but also for the referrals and affiliates of your sub-affiliate. RjjFX offers up to 5 level of sub affiliate.

Let's assume u have client who traded EUR/USD with 10 lot daily for each level:
Total 5 level lot traded = 50lots
EUR/USD spread= 3
Total daily commission = $150x85%= $127.5
Monthly commissions (20 trading days) = $127.5 x 20 = $2550.00

How to qualify trading affiliate Bonus?
A trader must deposit at least USD300 into IMA to qualify for Trading Affiliate Bonus.
*Commission is based on the instrument traded. If the spread is bigger, the commission will be more.
*You may have unlimited direct referral under your account.
*For Premium Trading Account, the commission is fixed at the rate of 3 pips for all currency and commodity pairs.