IMA Star Credits


The IMA STAR CREDITS is a program designed to help you to invest in the IMA without having to take out too much initial investment yet being able to reap maximum benefits like anybody else. It helps people who do not have a large amount of capital and yet want to see some residual income coming in. The program works like this:-

RJJFX accord a credit facility to the first 10,000 new clients to invest in the IMA. You will need to make a deposit of only 30% of the loan amount taken.

Meaning for example if the client wants to invest USD10,000, you will need to fund only USD3,000 in order to have your USD10,000 IMA loan. Investments funded by credit is given for the IMA investments ranging from USD3,000 to USD10,000 only. The ROI will remain the same as in the tabled schedule.

Your loan repayment is paid monthly by payments of 10% of the principal amount. This 10% will be automatically deducted from the IMA ROI payment that you will earn from your investment.

If you select to invest USD10,000 and your returns will be USD1,300 a month (13%). USD1,000 will be deducted as your instalment for a maximum of 10 months. Once the loan is completely paid up you will enjoy full 13% dividen a month until the end of the 18 months contract.

For the Group Sales Bonus (GSB) the system will calculate basing on 50% of the loan amount only.

For Referral Bonus, the direct referrer gets a 10% bonus of the full loan amount.

You will also enjoy the affiliates bonuses up to 3 levels as tabled but only from the nett ROI earned by the referred investor.

So basically we are offering you a chance to get into our fantastic IMA programme without having to fork out too much of capital. An opportunity that no other broker has ever offered. Cool right? So get in touch with us and lets start making money!!!

This offer is open to everyone new and existing clients. The financiers are ready now... Lets grab this opportunity!