What is an exchanger?

An exchanger is a person who is able to buy and sell USD between their network and broker. An exchanger may also generate income through the differences when buying and selling currency of a particular rates. Exchanger may determine any rates that comfortable to them. Since the main deposit method is via Bitcoin, the exchanger must know how to determine the best rates for the market of a particular country.

Criteria to become an Exchanger

  • He/she must have a minimum deposit of USD1000 in IMA.
  • Overall income in all our products must be more than USD10000 per annum.
  • Must have a minimum of 10 direct sponsors with a minimum deposit of USD10000 in all products except trading accounts.
  • He/she will need to have a collective amount of USD10000 in total sponsorships to qualify. He/she must have also referred a minimum of 10 clients with a minimum of USD1000 investment per client.

Kindly make your application for an exchanger by submitting your request via ticket if you are qualified. Thank you.
Important: Exchangers are not responsible for any withdrawal payments.