Now RjjFX brings you another opportunity for you to earn a splash of cash with "Winst Plan"!

What is WINST Plan?

Only RjjFX can bring the best of Unit Investment and Forex! Combining the two, creates the hottest opportunity to turn your dime to fortune!
The first in the industry! Specially Engineered Marketing Plan virtually eliminates risk and giving profits for your wallet!

Activating The Winst Plan :

  • Anyone can just activate the Winst account in the cabinet and deposit the funds into Winst Trading Account with as low as USD$100 only
  • You may start trading with minimum USD$100, USD$200 ,USD$300 or USD$500 if you want and start making profit as much as you can
  • Winst Plan is just another option in RjjFX for everyone to trade but this plan specifically focusing to market Financial Trading Platform to the public and also for everyone to start "Earning while they learn"
  • The company also did a massive studies and researches in order to come with Winst Plan. We believed with this plan will really excite you to introduce the Financial Trading Platform to everyone and start to earn huge money

Just with $100 initial deposit entitled a member to the following earning opportunities

  • 1. Referral Commission :
    Each member who deposits a minimum $100 entitles him to earn referral commissions when he introduces the business to others. If your friend that you referred deposits $300, your referral Commission is $300x10% = $30
  • 2. Group Sales Bonus :
    Each referral is placed under members network hierarchy. The hierarchy is divided into left and right sales group. The total group sale from the left and right group pairs daily. A generous bonus of 8% of the weaker group is paid to members account on daily basis at GMT+2 Time.
    Furthermore, the greater sales group will bring forward the sales amount after deducting the weaker group sales amount for the following day bonus calculation.
    When entering a new month, 30% of the accumulated points from the greater sales group will be subjected to a "reset" and only 70% will be retained or "advanced" to the next month Group Sales Bonus calculation. See the illustrated example below:

    At GMT+2 Daily You should be earning as below (assuming all accounts above introduced by You):

    Commission Type
    Left Group
    Right Group
    Total Daily Income
    Referral commission 10%
    ($300 x 10%) x 3 = $90
    ($300 x 10%) 5 x = $150
    Total Referral Commission
    Total Group Sales Value
    $300 x 3 = $900
    $300 x 5 = $1500
    Daily Group Sales Comm Calculation
    $900 x 8% = $72.00
    Balance Bring Forward
    $1,500 - $900 = $600

    Group Sales Daily Limit

    You may earn up to $750 x 30 days = $22,500 of Group Sales Bonus with Winst Plan

    Account Fund
    Daily Limit
  • 3. Renewal :
    Each account in the Winst Plan is valid through 12 months and subject to renewal when approaching a new term. Once due, traders need to fund again with min $100 in order to activate and enjoy all benefits given by Winst

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