The Product

The IMA is a product created by our fund managers to invest in forex as well as in stocks and bonds. Our fund managers who perform manual trading will assure that all investments are placed in a secure environment thus assuring you that all profits are generated at a reasonable rate ranging from 15 to 20% a month, The IMA is also involved in crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is generally used in real estate investments where a bulk of funds are pumped into purchasing property and leasing them out on a long term basis. It is also used to fund new developments or redevelopment projects. Investments like these normally give a return of 30 to 40% annually.

IMA returns are paid every two weeks on the 1st and 16th of each month until the end of contract ie 18 months. We emphasize again that IMA is traded manually by our fund managers thus there will not be an EA account for clients to monitor. Returns are paid by every calendar month but it is not fixed but as per explanation in the table.

This new product is associated together with the Winst Hierarchy Tree. FxUnited offers you the below packages:

Amount (USD) Monthly return for 18 months
300 7% - 7.5%
500 8% - 8.5%
1000 10% - 10.5%
2000 10% - 10.5%
3000 11% - 11.5%
5000 12% - 12.5%
10000 13% - 13.5%

In the cabinet you may choose any one of the packages above and get monthly returns accordingly. Your contract expires after 18 months from the day you Invest.

Let say John Invested in package E (USD10,000). John will be getting monthly return within the range of 13% to 13.5% each month for 18 months (No Capital Return). Assuming John gets an average 13% (USD1,300) meaning John's total return is USD1,300 x 18 months = USD23,400. This will upon contract end give John a profit of USD13,400!!!

In the cabinet you may choose any one of the packages above and get monthly returns accordingly. Your contract expires after 18 months from the day you Invest.

Each Cabinet is given 10 accounts of IMA for you to invest. Each account is allowed an investment of up to USD10,000 only. Means you can Invest up to maximum of USD100,000 under each cabinet.

Referral Commission (RC)

You will also be rewarded when you introduce friends to invest in IMA. You get 10% Referral Commission real time right after your friend invests in IMA.

John introduced Sally to invest USD5,000. John gets USD5,000 x 10% = USD500.00
You may introduce as many clients as you want.

Please be adviced that in order to qualify for the IMA referral bonus each member must have a minimum deposit of USD300.00 in the IMA.

IMA Group Sales Bonus (GSB)

Each referral is placed under members network hierarchy. The hierarchy is divided into left and right sales group. The total group sales from the left and right pairs daily. A generous bonus of 4% of the weaker group is paid to members account on a daily basis at GMT+2 Time.
Furthermore, the greater sales group will bring forward the sales amount after deducting the weaker group sales amount for the following day bonus calculation.

When entering new month, 30% of the accumulated points from the greater sales group will be subjected to "reset" and only 70% will be retained or "advanced" for the next month Group Sales Bonus calculation.

Group Sales Bonus Daily Limit:

GSB is counted everyday after daily closing at GMT+2. GSB has got its limits as shown under the table below :

Deposit (USD) Maximum (USD)
Winst 100 150
Winst 200 150
Winst 300 450
Winst 500 750
IMA 300 450
IMA 500 750
IMA 1000 1500
IMA 2000 3000
IMA 3000 3000
IMA 5000 3000
IMA 10000 3000
Please be advised that in order to qualify for the IMA Group Sales Bonus each member must have a minimum deposit of USD300.00 in the IMA.

Affiliate Bonuses

You will also enjoy 3 levels affiliate for IMA as follows :

  • Level 1 (direct referrer) will earn 10% of the referred accounts ROI earning.
  • Level 2 will earn 5% of the referred accounts ROI.
  • Level 3 will earn 2% of the referred accounts ROI.

Meaning lets say for example Mr, A sponsors Mr. B and Mr. B sponsors Mr. C and Mr. C sponsors Mr. D. Mr.D had joined IMA with an investment of USD10K and he earns 13% (USD1300). C as direct referral earns 10% of what D earns (USD130) Mr. B (level 2) will earn 5% of what Mr. D earns (USD65) and Mr. A will earn 2% of what Mr. D earns (USD26).


You are required to pay 10% of your total monthly GSB earned as maintenance fee. The system will deduct 10% each time you earn Group Sales Commission as IMA Maintenance fee.

Important Note; For existing members (who has already deposited into the Winst with minimum USD300) you don’t have to make another deposit into Winst again in order to earn IMA Referral Commission and IMA Group Sales Bonus but your IMA Group Sales Bonus daily limit depends on how much you have deposited into Winst. If your deposit into Winst is USD300 that means your IMA Group Sales Bonus daily limit is only USD450.

Deposit into IMA Guide

  1. You must deposit with a minimum of USD100 in “Winst” before you can deposit into IMA.
  2. Please ensure that you have sufficient balance in your wallet equivalent to your investment amount.
  3. At “Account Section” please select “My IMA Accounts”.
  4. Then click “New IMA Account”.
  5. Select your desired investment amount then click “submit”.